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Following from my last post, I decided I should have a crack at editing a stylesheet for Zotero. I’m working on a paper at the moment where I rely a good deal on a seventeenth century text via two modern editions. The lack of a field for original date of publication is a long-standing issue for Zotero users; there is a work-around which enters the additional information in the Zotero ‘Extras’ field (see the bottom of p2 in the forum), but it means adding a few lines to stylesheets which have not been tweaked already. My normal style is the Unified Stylesheet for Linguistics Journals, which is untweaked as yet.

So I set to work using the Zotero Style Editor, following the advice provided in the forum linked above (adamsmith Dec 24 2014). And it all went well – because the Style Editor is dynamic, it’s actually very easy to track what you are doing and experiment with the style. I found the macro I needed to adjust, I added the snippet of code from the forum post (which recovers the original date information from the database) and I added “prefix” and “suffix” attributes to get the format I wanted. The results look like this:

(Rumphius 1983 [1648])

Rumphius, G.E. 1983 [1648]. Ambonsche Landbeschrijving. (Ed.) Z.J. Manusama. Jakarta: Arsip Nasional Republik Indonesia.


(Rumphius 2002 [1648])

Rumphius, G.E. 2002 [1648]. De Ambonse Eilanden Onder de VOC Zoals Opgetekend in de Ambonese Landbeschrijving. (Ed.) Chris Frans van Fraassen & Hans Straver. Utrecht: Landelijk Steunpunt Educatie Molukkers.
I am very happy to share the revised stylesheet with anyone who is interested. And I’m feeling much braver about the next tussle with a publisher – I think I have a decent chance of making changes in a stylesheet to match a house style. But of course that assumes that the publisher can tell me what style to start from…….

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  1. […] Update (7/12/2015): I have now taken the plunge and modified a stylesheet – not to solve this problem, but for another citation issue. Details in the next post. […]

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